Even at a young age, I found great satisfaction in telling stories to those close to me that would entertain them. When I first decided to write, and met the barrier of what to write about, I thought of their disbelief and laughter in response to those tales, and was moved to share them with a larger audience. And so, I began to compose novels, songs, and screenplays based on those stories.

I invite you to read, listen, and reach out if you feel inclined.

I’m habitually wandering and searching, aiming to find new adventures to share.

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Though I was born in Hawaii, I spent most of my childhood in the deserts of Arizona and the mountains of Colorado.

After high school, I moved to Hollywood Boulevard, where I attended music school for a year. This was mostly a waste of my parents’ money as one cannot expect an 18 year old to move to Hollywood and not spend the majority of his time partying. I soon dropped out of school and proceeded to work in various areas of the entertainment industry including: film and television production, and commercial and theatrical acting. The few movies I was in I would not recommend anyone watch for their poor quality, although I did enjoy the experience and briefly fell in love while acting in a campaign for one of Apple’s iPhones.

Along with flirting with acting. I sang and played guitar in numerous bands in LA. Though, my ego tended to get in the way, and like acting, things didn’t work out.

After the majority of my LA days, I found myself living in San Francisco, utterly lost. I had broken it off with the girl I had thought I would marry, dumped my acting representatives who had gotten me paying jobs, and quit the band I had spent the last two years of my life working on.

With no reason other than I had run out of things I’d always wanted to try, I bought a typewriter at a flea market and starting typing.

To my surprise, I fell in love with the process and had the feeling for the first time in my life that I was doing exactly what I should be. Four years later, I’m still typing.

My Journey

Born in honolulu

3rd grade: learned to read through star wars books.

7th grade: started reading my first and only book in school: enders game. Finished it 10 years later.


High school: quit football because my coach made fun of me for singing and dancing.


Psychic told me at 20 that I was going to be a writer. I tried to start, but was too stoned.

Played in many bands during the next few years. Did a little acting too...The bands broke up, and the acting didn’t work out. 

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